The King Returns: Panini America Peeks the Upcoming 2019 Diamond Kings Baseball
January 24, 2019

There’s an unmistakable air of royalty surrounding Panini America’s fabled, still-majestic-after-all-these-years Diamond Kings Baseball franchise. It’s been that way from the very beginning in the early 1980s. It remains that way today. Although so much has changed in the more than 30 years since Diamond Kings first made its presence felt by leading off every Donruss Baseball release, the high-art look and feel of the brand remains spectacularly intact.

An iconic part of baseball-card history, Diamond Kings has aged gracefully by transitioning over the years from a subset to an insert set to a standalone brand. It’s a legendary brand full of legendary players — and enough new-breed potential to satiate even the most astute prospectors. In early April, the brand returns for the 2019 season boasting the first autograph memorabilia cards of the new rookie class and remember-where-you-were-when-you-pulled-it collection-makers.

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