Jumping in the Sheets with Panini America’s Upcoming 2018 Obsidian Football (Gallery)
November 07, 2018

We first pulled the curtain back on a new creation dubbed “Obsidian Football” back in September, initially quoting the product’s sales solicitation material that characterized the innovative new release as “an eruption of sharp, edgy and contemporary designs” utilizing something Panini America Product Developers and Production folks called “Electric Etch.” But it’s hard to ascertain how all of that translates visually until you have some actual visuals. Well, now we do.

Over the last several days, the first uncut sheets of 2018 Obsidian Football (set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in early December) have made their way back to Panini America HQ for some preliminary QC checks. We could do our best to try to explain what “Electric Etch” looks like and what exactly it means when “sharp, edgy and contemporary designs” erupt. Instead, though, we’ll just let these first uncut sheets speak for us. Enjoy the early look and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage.

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