Instant Impact: Appreciating the Impressive Exploits of the 2018 NFL Rookie Class
November 02, 2018

Through the first half of the 2018 NFL season, the rookie class has been flying high, something not seen in generations. Just like the 1983 group, arguably the greatest draft class ever, this year’s bunch has taken the league by storm, proving that skill can overcome inexperience.

“I would say the hype coming in with this class was high, and just after the draft was even higher, because we had a record-setting class with how many QBs went in the first round and a running back going No. 2, which is the highest a running back has gone in a while,” said Panini America Senior Director of Product Development Nick Matijevich. “Traditionally in trading cards going back all the way to the 1950s, the Rookie Cards have been the big driver. They are the ones that have the most value because it’s the first card of any guy.”

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