Sleepers, Steals, Studs: Two Panini America Editors Tackle the Tough Fantasy Issues
August 29, 2018

The fantasy football season has finally arrived and it’s time to rejoice, set up the TVs, feast on all the finger food your stomach desires and get down to business. We know this is an exciting (but perhaps stressful) time for fantasy owners, who so often double as football collectors, too. You stay up late filling out mock drafts along with your checklists. You rack your brains over which players to pluck and whose Rookie Cards to pursue.

So take a deep breath and allow noted football savant Kieran Steckley and me (Robert Halliman) to be your tour guides. Though fantasy football is like any other game, requiring an insane amount of luck and a bit of strategy, I fancy myself as an expert, having won last year’s Panini America Editorial League after demolishing my boss, Jeff Sullivan, by a healthy margin. Sorry, Boss. So we thought we’d share our expertise and list fantasy projections along with some sleepers to watch in 2018. Enjoy . . .

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