Panini America Delivers Detailed First Look at 2018 XR Football (Preview Gallery)
August 06, 2018

The truth of the matter is, one full year after its maiden release, we’re still not quite sure what “XR” means. Indeed, when Panini America debuted the XR Football brand for the 2017 NFL season, the name alone helped generate significant pre-release buzz for the product. Of course, then 2017 XR Football finally released and the cards did all of the talking from there. When 2018 XR Football arrives in late September, you can bet its cards will have a lot to say as well.

On average, each hobby box of 2018 XR Football (seven cards per pack, two packs per box, 15 boxes per case) will deliver two autographs (including one Rookie Jersey Autograph), one memorabilia card (either a Jumbo or Triple Swatch card), one insert, four parallels, four base cards and two Rookie Cards. A product that delivered some of the most attractive single cards of the season in 2017 is poised to that once again.

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