Panini America Eyes the Parallel Universe of 2018 Father’s Day Set (Must-See Gallery)
June 06, 2018

One of the inherent beauties of any Panini America Father’s Day promotional set is the checklist full of parallels featuring names that are as captivating as the cards they’re meant to describe. That’s been the case since Panini America first launched its Father’s Day phenomenon in 2012 — and that parallel tradition returns in full force for 2018. As we continue to preview the 2018 Father’s Day set in its entirety, today we focus our attention on those aforementioned parallels.

In the must-see gallery that follows — a parallel universe of fascinating imagery — we showcase the complete parallel spectrum for the 2018 Father’s Day set that includes Future Frames (numbered to 50), Escher Squares (numbered to 25), Crystal Shards, better known as Cracked Ice (numbered to 10), Checkerboard (numbered to five) and HyperPlaid 1/1s.

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