Kansas Collector J.P. Murnan Earns Meeting with Mahomes in 2017 Panini NFL POD
May 31, 2018

J.P. Murnan of Overland Park, Kan., is like thousands of other sports card collectors across America. He collected as a kid, took a break from the hobby for a few years and then returned to the hobby in his early 20s. But unlike the thousands of other collectors who entered the 2017 Panini NFL Player of the Day contest, Murnan will be spending the day on June 15 with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

Murnan, a 26-year-old diesel mechanic, was among more than 150,000 NFL card collectors who participated in the Panini NFL Player of the Day contest at more than 600 hobby shops last fall. He is among the thousands who earned prizes; but as the Grand Prize winner, he is the only one spending the day with an NFL player. His journey began just like thousands of other collectors when he uncovered the Panini NFL Player of the Day in a pack of Panini America NFL cards. He was then randomly selected as the store’s grand prize winner and was entered in the national sweepstakes with winners from the other 600 shops.

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