A Flawless First Look: Panini America Peeks Upcoming 2017 Flawless Football (Gallery)
January 26, 2018

As the world’s attention turns to next Sunday’s juicy Super Bowl LII showdown between the defending champion New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, we’re reminded that while the 2017 NFL season will come to a close at the conclusion of that game, the 2017 NFL collecting season remains open for just a little bit longer — at least until Panini America’s grand finale, 2017 Flawless Football, arrives in late March.

There are certain lofty expectations that fans have come to expect from the fabled Flawless brand, such as virtually unrivaled autograph and memorabilia checklists, year-topping Rookie Patch Autographs and enough gems to outfit a high-end jewelry franchise. Those niceties will return in March. But there are also new twists coming — such as the Rookie Gems Signatures and Flawless Penmanship inserts, plenty of new on-card signers, and the introduction of Chocolate Diamond and Canary Yellow Diamond cards.

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