James Harden Performs Masterfully During Key Panini America Signing Session
September 11, 2017

You could tell by the look on his famously bearded face that Houston Rockets superstar James Harden was locked in, ready to put in work with that lethal left hand of his that’s virtually unstoppable when Harden gets on a roll. And during a recent signing session with Panini America, Harden got on a serious roll. He scored all afternoon long — every two or three seconds it seemed — and never once so much as even touched a basketball.

In his left hand instead was a pen — and one of the game’s most popular players wielded it magnificently. Fueled both by his own uncanny ability to finish and compelling conversation with Panini America Acquisitions Manager Tone Stakes, Harden went to work. An hour or so later, the swagger-draped southpaw had delivered yet another signature performance: A few jaw-dropping moments here, a few laughs there and consistently spectacular production throughout.

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