Teaser Gallery: Panini America Breaks Four Boxes of 2016-17 Preferred Basketball
September 06, 2017

Almost six years after redefining the basketball booklet card with that debut 2011 release, Panini America’s Preferred Basketball franchise continues to innovate when it comes to those fantastically folding memorabilia marvels. Of course, ballyhooed booklets are just one part of Preferred’s power-packed recipe. For while the product’s coolest booklets serve as legitimate conversation pieces, the on-card autographs (including those calling-card Silhouettes and Panini’s Choice Award die-cuts) command attention, too.

So as the live-today 2016-17 Preferred Basketball begins buzzing its way through the hobby, you can bet that the brand has another supply of collection-making stunners hiding in its two-pack, four-card boxes. You caught a glimpse of some of those in last week’s Quality Control Gallery. Today, we’re taking you directly to the box level with the following Teaser Gallery that offers a card-by-card inspection of four random boxes.

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