A Starry, Starry Night: Go Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Panini VIP Party (Gallery)
August 20, 2017

CHICAGO — On a postcard-perfect Saturday evening in late July, right there in the heart of Chicago’s Fulton Market district, the stars came out (and kept coming out, it seemed) as Panini America’s sixth annual National VIP Party delivered another one of those remember-where-you-were-when kind of nights that have become the marquee event’s calling card. The electricity was palpable. The vibe was vibrant. The memories? Well, they were the kind that tend to last forever.

As has become customary, Panini America’s 2017 National VIP Party unfolded amid considerable pomp and circumstance as more than 250 special guests basked in the fairytale brilliance of a fantasy come to life inside the sprawling Revel Fulton Market, a 30,000-square-foot, urban-chic warehouse that seemed tailor made to host what many party-goers called the best Panini VIP Party yet.

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