Panini America Provides Detailed First Look at 2016-17 Impeccable Basketball (Preview)
August 16, 2017

Panini America’s upscale Impeccable Football brand made a bold debut last October and almost immediately became everybody’s frontrunner for Best New Product of Year honors. Equipped with a daring combination of precious metal cards, on-card autographs and designs that were, well, impeccable, the product was immediately embraced by collectors. Based on that overwhelmingly auspicious debut, it was really only a matter of time before the Impeccable brand crossed over — and that time is now.

In late September, Panini America officials will unveil 2016-17 Impeccable Basketball, introducing the many merits of the brand — on-card autographs, one-per-case precious metal cards, striking aesthetics — to a new audience. On average, each hobby box (eight cards per box, three boxes per case) will deliver five autographs.

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