Retail Revolution: Panini America Examines Retail Exclusives in 2017 Revolution Soccer
June 21, 2017

The retail version of Panini America’s 2017 Revolution Soccer should start hitting store shelves in the coming days and when it does, astute collectors will find a few retail-only perks randomly woven throughout the product, including the retail-only Vortex insert and the retail-exclusive Sunburst parallel. As you’ll see in the gallery below, the hobby version of 2017 Revolution Soccer didn’t get all of the sweet parallels to itself.

On average, each retail hanger box of 2017 Revolution Soccer will deliver three exclusive Sunburst parallels and two exclusive Vortex inserts. Vortex, it should be noted, will be paralleled by three numbered versions — Magna (numbered to 49), Disco (numbered to 25) and Kaleido (numbered to only one). The brief gallery that follows offers a quick visual guide to the retail inclusions.

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