Panini America Shares Details on Autograph SPs within New 2017 Revolution Soccer
June 15, 2017

Panini America’s new 2017 Revolution Soccer product is a feast for the eyes and the adventuring spirit, what with all of its flashy surface nuances and chase-worthy parallels. But the product is also about rare-but-rewarding autographs that fall roughly once every three boxes or so. The difference between Revolution Soccer’s parallels and autographs, of course, is as clear as the writing on the box.

Drop rates or sequential numbering information for just about every parallel or insert in 2017 Revolution Soccer is included right there on the back of the box. For autographs, however, we just get a broad “1:23 packs” descriptor. Of course, that ratio alone does nothing to shed light on possible SPs or VSPs (Very Short Prints) on the autograph checklist. That’s what Brand Manager Cory Hollingsworth is for.

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