Spectracular Views: Panini America Eyes the Prime Nature of 2016-17 Spectra Basketball
May 30, 2017

With the 2017 NBA Finals set to get underway Thursday night, an international audience promises to be glued to the third straight showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors from the opening tip on. So as we anxiously await Game 1, we wanted to offer something to help pass the time. We’ll have a comprehensive Quality Control Gallery for the unique 2016-17 Studio Basketball in the coming days, but we figured an early glimpse at some of the memorabilia gems planned for 2016-17 Spectra Basketball might hit the spot today.

In the gallery that follows, we sneak a peek at some of the prime-memorabilia parallels permeating Spectra’s Spectacular Swatches, Triple Threat, Catalysts and Next Era inserts. 2016-17 Spectra Basketball is set to arrive in hobby shops across North America later this month. Studio Basketball goes live next Friday, June 9. Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned later this week for an extensive preview of 2016-17 Studio Basketball.

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