Watch: 7-Year-Old Joseph Perez Steals Show as Panini America Super Bowl Kid Reporter
February 01, 2017

HOUSTON — With one poignant question Monday night, Panini America Super Bowl Kid Reporter Joseph Perez became a viral phenomenon; a show-stealing, 7-year-old internet sensation who brought down the house while bringing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to tears. Perez was perched safely upon Super Bowl champion Trent Dilfer’s shoulders when he asked Brady, simply enough, “Who’s your hero?” The resulting sequence of raw, real and resplendent emotion from Brady seemingly instantly became the defining moment of Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night.

Yahoo! Sports covered it. ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio covered it. Sportscenter covered it. Us Magazine covered it. covered it. The Houston Chronicle covered it. Dan Roche from Boston CBS affiliate WBZ-TV not only covered it, he followed up with Brady the next day to revisit the memory. In the days ahead, it’s likely that just about anyone capable of covering something will cover it, too. And while Perez’s Super Bowl Opening Night performance may best be encapsulated by one sublime question, his exchange with Brady was but the brightest moment in a night filled with them.

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