The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2016 Black Gold Collegiate Basketball
October 18, 2016

Another Wednesday is precariously close, which means we’re just hours away from one more banner new-release day for Panini America products. And given this week’s loaded lineup (which includes the highly anticipated 2016 Impeccable Football, 2016 Black Gold Collegiate Basketball and the 2016-17 U.S. Soccer Boxed Set), chances are good that hobby shops across North America and online breaks across the Internet won’t be lacking in foot traffic.

We’ve spent some quality time here on The Knight’s Lance in recent days previewing the 2016 Impeccable Football product and Friday’s arrival of 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing. Today, we’re devoting some space to 2016 Black Gold Collegiate Basketball with a must-see Quality Control Gallery.

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