The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing (100+ Pics)
October 17, 2016

For racing fans who’ve waited ever so patiently for more high-speed collecting thrills in the two-plus months since the release of Panini America’s 2016 Prizm NASCAR Racing, the company’s first-ever NASCAR-licensed trading card product, well, that wait is almost over. And when 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing arrives in hobby shops across North America on Friday, it will do so with a high-end, hit-filled recipe that features five autograph or memorabilia cards (including at least one autograph memorabilia card) in every hobby box (10 cards per pack, five packs per box).

2016 Torque NASCAR Racing also features a flurry of NASCAR firsts for Panini America, including the first appearance of race-used sheet metal, the first appearance of jumbo race-used and race-worn memorabilia cards and the first appearance of multi-piece memorabilia cards. Last week, Panini America’s Tim Trout helped oversee the packout process for 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing, allowing us to capture revealing images for the following Quality Control Gallery.

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