Must-See Monday: Panini America Delivers a Peek Inside 2015-16 Flawless Basketball
October 03, 2016

Flawless Basketball release week is upon us, which makes Wednesday something of an international collecting holiday. Certainly the social media universe, group-breaking sites and local hobby shops will join in on the festivities once 2015-16 Flawless Basketball starts getting broken in two short days. This year’s release, like all of those that have come before, promises some of the most breathtaking single cards produced during this or any other season.

From the sublime signature content to the majestic memorabilia cards to the precious gems, the Flawless Basketball experience is virtually unparalleled in the collecting industry. Autographed Logomen. Base Logomen. Rookie Cards with new-car price tags. Diamonds. Rubies. Sapphires. Gold discs. The first Patrick Ewing autographs in Panini America history (and the first licensed Ewing autographs since the 2003-04 season). Indeed, 2015-16 Flawless Basketball represents the highest of the high end.

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