Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks Four Early Boxes of 2016 Spectra Football
September 13, 2016

Is it the vibrant colors? The low-numbered parallels that can catch you completely by surprise? The thick card stock and the made-for-Optichrome aesthetics? The mystifying memorabilia cards? The autograph roster that pays homage to legends of the past, current superstars and the game’s most promising rookies? Indeed, there’s probably not one distinct answer to this question: What’s the most appealing aspect of Panini America’s Spectra Football franchise?

Most fans of the Spectra brand likely would click the “All of the above” box on this particular survey. By appealing to many different tastes, Spectra Football has carved out a unique niche for itself over the last three years. It’s a blast to bust, incredibly easy on the eyes and consistently delivers the goods and the goosebumps. So you can understand the anticipation that’s building for tomorrow’s release of 2016 Spectra Football.

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