One for the Record Booklet: Panini America Appreciates a True National Treasure
August 24, 2016

It’s not often that a single trading card warrants its very own blog post. But the card we’re about to appreciate is not some ordinary trading card. On the contrary, it’s quite extraordinary. Perhaps even otherworldly. It’s a history-soaked stunner that honors 12 of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. A museum-quality history book(let) that should qualify as one of the single greatest cards of the modern era.

It’s perhaps the most coveted of all the Treasure Chest booklet cards that appeared in last season’s 2015 National Treasures Football. After being initially inserted into the product as a redemption, the card finally is ready for its closeup. And no matter who tops your list as the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever known, chances are he (and his autograph) are featured on this card.

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