The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2016 Unparalleled Football (Checklist)
August 09, 2016

Much has been made about the name “Unparalleled Football” since Panini America first announced that the new product was coming in late May. How, exactly, can a product with plenty of parallels carry a name that implies being completely devoid of them? Good question. But 2016 Unparalleled Football, which releases tomorrow in hobby shops across North America, is not unparalleled because it lacks parallels. It’s unparalleled because it’s quite unlike any other football product on the market.

To be sure, 2016 Unparalleled Football is a different kind of product. It places a premium on the thrill of the chase and whiz-bang printing technologies with captivating names such as Hyper Mosaic, Swirlorama, Wind Chimes, Diamond Awe and more. There also are highly collectible autograph and memorabilia versions of the various colorful parallels.

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