Panini America Offers Must-See Peek Inside the 2016 National VIP Party Gold Packs
August 08, 2016

Ask 10 different Panini National VIP Party attendees what their favorite part of the annual extravaganza is and you’re likely to get six or seven different answers. For some, it’s the always-loaded VIP guest list. For others, it’s the venue. Or the food. Or the fun. Or the music. Or the camaraderie. Or . . . the Gold Packs. Ah, yes. The VIP Party-exclusive Gold Packs.

Attendees are presented with a shiny-stacked sleeve of the good-as-gold goodies when they arrive at the party — and most of them almost immediately sit down to start shredding. It’s a compelling sight to be sure, and one that played out once again on Saturday at Panini America’s 2016 National VIP Party in Atlantic City, N.J.

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