First Look: Peyton Manning, Megan Fox and the Sheer Beauty of 2016 Donruss Football
July 30, 2016

Panini America’s flagship Donruss Football brand will make its grand 2016 debut on Wednesday brimming with the brilliance that only a fabled staple like Donruss can deliver. To be sure, 2016 Donruss Football is a colorful thrill ride of a product that offers something for seemingly every football fan and collector, paying tribute to the game’s greatest legends, current stars, rookies and celebrity fans.

A quick scan of the insert, subset and parallel checklists reveals beloved, household hobby names like Rated Rookie, Dominator, The Rookies, The Elite Series, Legends of the Fall, Production Line, Gridiron Kings, Press Proof and so many more. On Monday, we’ll deliver an absolutely must-see Quality Control Gallery that showcases the manifold brilliance of 2016 Donruss Football. Today, however, we’re going to detail the depth of Donruss Football . . . or how it is that NFL legend Peyton Manning can appear in the same pack as, say, Daisy Ridley, Megan Fox or Marisa Miller.

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