Donruss and EA Sports Team up with 7-11 for Trading Card Promotion
August 11, 2008

Gamers that have called in sick this week and are now camping out anxiously awaiting the release of the new Madden NFL '09 video game, should swing by 7-11 to grab a Slurpee or Big Gulp. That's because Donruss and EA Sports have teamed up with 7-11 in one of the largest trading card promotions the industry has seen in years.

Those purchasing a Slurpee or Big Gulp will receive one of 10 Donruss trading cards highlighting the top players from this year's Madden NFL '09. The month long campaign helps promote the 20th Anniversary of the famous video game franchise. The launch of the game is highlighted today with "Maddenpalooza," a day long concert headlined by the likes of Busta Rhymes and Good Charlotte.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Donruss on the Madden NFL '09 promotion," said Sr. Product Manager for Madden NFL Football, Anthony Stevenson. "Like EA Sports, Donruss has been a leader in their industry for many years and they play a pivotal role in helping us bring Madden to life, beyond the traditional gaming experience."

EA Sports has partnered with 7-11's across the country in a month long store make over, that includes special Slurpee cups, Madden sandwiches, video game boxes, DVDs and other NFL-related offerings.

"This promotion is cross-promotion at its best," said Scott Prusha, Director of Marketing for Donruss. "It is obvious that a very high percentage of trading card collectors play video games but we also know the video game player is an ideal trading card collector. This promotion helps put cards in their hands and exposes them to card collecting."

The set includes Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys), Peyton Manning, (Indianapolis Colts), Vince Young (Tennessee Titans), LaDainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers), Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings), Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers), Darren McFadden (Oakland Raiders), Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons), Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars) and Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks).

"There is a strong overlap between the Madden NFL and Donruss consumer, and we look forward to finding creative ways to excite our passionate fan base," adds Stevenson.