Panini America’s Newest On-Card Ink Offers Revealing Glimpse into an Exciting Future
July 12, 2016

It goes on largely behind the scenes. Day by day, player by player and signature by signature. With every incoming autograph arrival, the not-too-distant future of Panini America’s trading card lineup across all sports continues growing stronger . . . and stronger . . . and stronger.

It does so when, say, NBA legends like Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd return their newly inked cards for 2015-16 Flawless Basketball. Or when, say, DeAndre Hopkins or Don Majkowski return their autographs for 2016 Gala Football. Or when, say, Trevor Story or Andre Dawson deliver new hand-signed handiwork for 2016 Immaculate Baseball. Heck, that’s just a short list of the new autographs that have arrived at Panini America HQ in recent days. Trust us, there are many more.

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