Panini America Goes Kaboom! Exploring the Rare Insert in 2015-16 Excalibur Basketball
May 28, 2016

There are no signatures. There are are technicolored, multi-break memorabilia pieces. But what Panini America’s captivating Kaboom! insert might lack in the area of autographs and game-worn, it more than makes up for in all the ways that matter. Like, flashy technology . . . and needle-in-a-haystack rarity . . . and a cult-like following . . . and a penchant for making the NBA’s high-flying stars seem just a little more super and heroic.

It’s Kaboom!, perhaps more than any other aspect, that has helped make Excalibur Basketball a hit. In fact, the hobby-only premium edition of 2015-16 Excalibur Basketball was sold out upon release earlier this week. Granted, there are many things to like in the newest iteration of Excalibur, but it’s the super-rare, super-cool, super-hero inspired Kaboom! (which appears in both hobby and Target-only retail versions of Excalibur) that causes the biggest commotion.

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