Beyond the Surface: Exploring the Inserts in 2016 Prime Signatures Football (Gallery)
May 13, 2016

For collectors who’ve spent the last few days enjoying Panini America’s new 2016 Prime Signatures Football, it might behoove you to look a little closer at the captivating surfaces of the product’s various insert sets. After all, once you get past the base version and the numbered-to-100, blue-foiled Cosmic version, there’s a rare, third-tier Galactic chase that might make you take another long look at the cards you’ve pulled so far.

In the gallery that follows, we bring you up close with each of the three versions to help you better identify them. The base cards are easy enough to identify are featured first below. The blue Cosmics also are easy to target: They feature blue foil and are numbered on the back to 100. It’s the Galactic variation that delivers the rarest chase.

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