Panini NFL POD Winner Preparing to Spend the Day with Bears RB Jeremy Langford
April 19, 2016

When Illinois collector Rick Brodsky bought a pack of officially licensed Panini America NFL trading cards at Chicagoland Sports Cards in Buffalo Grove, Ill., last fall, he was hoping to get a card of one of his favorite players, a memorabilia card or possibly even an autograph. Little did he know that his $2 card pack would lead to spending a day during 2016 NFL Draft weekend with Chicago Bears running back Jeremy Langford.

Brodsky, a 35-year-old sports fan who collects football cards of Bears and Penn State players, was among the more than 150,000 NFL collectors who participated in the 2015 Panini NFL Player of the Day contest at more than 600 hobby shops last fall. Brodsky is among the thousands who earned prizes, but as the Grand Prize winner, he is the only one spending next Saturday with an NFL player. His journey began just like thousands of other collectors when he uncovered the Panini NFL Player of the Day in a pack of Panini NFL trading cards. He was then randomly selected as Chicagoland’s grand prize winner and entered into the national sweepstakes with 600 other shop winners.

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