Teaser Gallery: Panini America Takes a Peek Inside 2016 Kobe Bryant HeroVillain Set
April 14, 2016

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant delivered a Twitter-breaking performance for the ages last night in the final game of a spectacular NBA career, pouring in a mesmerizing 60 points on a night when he returned to vintage Black Mamba form. All the while, a Staples Center full of legends, luminaries and lifetime fans — and millions more watching elsewhere — turned #MambaDay into an international holiday and a global social media phenomenon.

As late Wednesday night morphed into early Thursday morning, #MambaDay steadily morphed into #MambaOut and #ThankYouKobe. Such is the case when a living legend offers such a masterful farewell performance. You never want it to end. So imagine my delight this morning when I arrived at the office (a little later than normal thanks to Kobe) and discovered a still-wrapped 2016 Kobe Bryant HeroVillain Box Set just begging to be previewed.

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