Redskins TE & NFLPA Extern Ray Hamilton Chronicles First Week at Panini America
February 19, 2016

Editor’s Note: As part of the NFLPA Externship program, Washington Redskins tight end Ray Hamilton is spending three weeks at Panini America working in the Product Development, Acquisitions and Marketing departments. Each Friday during his externship, Hamilton will document his time inside Panini America HQ. This is his first dispatch.

I really had no clue what to expect coming into this NFLPA Externship with Panini America. Growing up, I always enjoyed collecting football, baseball and basketball cards. I remembered collecting Panini trading cards but I never gave much thought to the operations or the process for generating ideas, concepts and marketing plans for cards. The business side of this externship is what excites me the most; I’m looking forward to learning about what makes this company go — and the challenges as well.

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