Revolution Uncut: Panini America Offers an Early Look at 2015-16 Revolution Basketball
January 11, 2016

Panini America Brand Manager Cory Hollingsworth stopped me in the hallway late last week and told me to stop by when I had a chance. He had something cool to show me. So I intentionally wasted roughly five minutes (so as not to seem too anxious) and headed his way. Turns out what he had to show me was pretty cool: Some of the early uncut sheets for the March-releasing 2015-16 Revolution Basketball.

As you’ll see in the gallery that follows, 2015-16 Revolution Basketball provides a unique parallel proposition steeped in both various versions and dynamic foil effects. These particular sheets were so hot off the presses that they hadn’t yet received their UV coating. But they’re certainly finished enough to give you an early idea of what you can expect from the all-new 2015-16 Revolution Basketball.

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