Panini America Offers Detailed First Look at 2013-14 Flawless Basketball (Gallery)
August 18, 2014

While an international basketball collecting audience counts down these final white-knuckle days until Wednesday’s celebrated release of 2013-14 National Treasures Basketball, NT release week also means we’re that much closer to the launch of Panini America’s final two ballyhooed releases of the 2013-14 NBA collecting season: 2013-14 Immaculate Basketball and 2013-14 Flawless Basketball. We brought you a detailed early examination of Immaculate in late July. Today, we’re exploring the preliminary details surrounding Flawless.

Flawless, of course, made a meteoric splash on the collecting scene last season with its metal-briefcase packaging and the otherworldly contents inside, which included diamond-embedded base cards and some of the most staggering sales ever recorded on modern-era trading cards. For 2013-14, Panini America aims to do the unthinkable: Raise the bar on the highest of high-end products. How exactly can that be possible? Keep reading to find out.

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