James Rodríguez Sees 2014 FIFA World Cup Prizm Auto Soar 2,800 Percent in Value
July 03, 2014

Seventeen dollars and 47 cents. That’s what a James Rodríguez 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Prizm Autograph sold for on June 17, three days after Rodríguez scored his first goal of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Colombia’s 3-0 tournament-opening victory over Greece. In the two weeks since, all Rodríguez has done is . . . score four more goals (kicking his way to the top of the adidas Golden Boot standings along the way) . . . help Colombia to three more victories . . . and lead his team into a monumental Friday showdown with host Brazil in the quarterfinals. Obviously, the world’s been watching.

On Tuesday, one of Rodríguez’s 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Prizm Autographs sold for . . . $499. For the record, that’s a gargantuan 2,800 percent value increase in roughly 14 days — the amount of time it took the 22-year-old wunderkind to hoist the Colombian national team atop his skillful shoulders and carry it boldly into global prominence.

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