Glove Story: Panini America Appreciates the Golden Leather of 2014 Prizm Baseball
May 21, 2014

OK, so I figured I’d use this particular blog post to not just preview what I believe to be the sweetest insert set in Panini America’s new 2014 Prizm Baseball; I thought I’d also use it to lobby the powers that be inside professional baseball to perhaps at least consider adding tiers to the game’s annual fielding award. And I’d use the majestic Golden Leather insert as my shining, hypnotic example.

So, in addition to the Gold Glove Award earned by the game’s slickest fielders every season, there could be, say, Blue Mojo Glove and Finite Black Glove awards, too. Those are just two tantalizing elements that trophy presenters could learn from a box of 2014 Prizm Baseball. But there are more.

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