Panini America Explores the Prime Pairings of 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball (Gallery)
April 21, 2014

When Panini America’s 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball goes live in hobby shops across North America on Wednesday, collectors will likely find much in the product that provides that namesake intrigue. We previewed many of those things late last week in a must-see Quality Control Gallery that placed a lot of the focus on the interest-piquing potential of the Intriguing Players insert.

But there are also some downright fascinating memorabilia cards permeating the 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball checklist. Indeed, never underestimate the eyebrow-raising potential of multi-player memorabilia cards — especially the rare Prime versions ones nestled strategically within Intrigue’s Intriguing Pairs, Terrific Trios and Fearless Foursomes insert sets.

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