Between the Sheets: Panini America Sneaks Peek at 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Prizm
April 04, 2014

We’ve had a front-row seat to the collectibles kickoff of the global sensation that is the FIFA World Cup in recent days as Panini’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Sticker Collection has started popping up in retail locations across the world and on The resulting frenzy, however fascinating, is sure to pale in comparison to what we see around the world as the 2014 FIFA World Cup draws closer in the next few months and the Sticker Collection continues arriving in retail locations.

For millions of rabid World Cup collectors across the globe, the Panini Sticker Collection is must-have material; a feel-good family affair that spans generations and ranks up there with breathing and eating as daily requirements for several months every four years. Of course, all of this World Cup excitement this week got us at Panini America thinking about another 2014 FIFA World Cup collection generating a fair amount of buzz in its own right: The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Prizm trading card set.

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