Go Inside 2013 National Treasures Football: The Countdown Continues (Gallery Three)
March 21, 2014

Football collectors, rejoice. There’s a prime-patch paradise coming in next week’s release of 2013 National Treasures Football the likes of which you’ve rarely — if ever — seen in this sport. Simply speaking, 2013 National Treasures Football includes some of the most impressive game-worn memorabilia cards ever produced. Ever. Collectively, they represent the closest the NFL market has come to replicating Panini America’s Prime Hockey or Immaculate Basketball, the bar-setters for memorabilia card excellence.

Captain’s patches. Camouflage captain’s patches. BCA-pink captain’s patches. Team anniversary logos. Pro Bowl crests. 12th Man patches from the inside back collar of game-worn Seattle Seahawks jerseys. You name the patch and it’s likely incorporated into 2013 National Treasures Football — and hand cut to replicate the puzzle-piece mystique of those aforementioned NHL and NBA products.

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