Filthy Good: Panini America Appreciates the Prime Prowess of 2013 Spectra Football
March 05, 2014

With the highly anticipated release of Panini America’s 2013 Spectra Football today, collectors across North America are on the verge of discovering just how nasty some of the product’s memorabilia inclusions can be — as much because of downright intoxicating Prizm technology as for the grass-stained greatness of many of the swatches. Indeed, for collectors who think the mem-card genre is in need of a jolt, well, 2013 Spectra Football is about to provide it.

The first thing that strikes you about Spectra Football’s memorabilia masterpieces is the design, which benefits from both the aforementioned Prizm technology and etching patterns created specifically to accentuate it. From there, it’s the rainbow array of parallels that grow increasingly more prime the lower you go — Blue, Red, Gold, Green and Black — and a checklist that boasts all the superstars you’d expect and some well-deserving veterans who don’t always make the memorabilia-card rounds.

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