The Nastiest Treasures: NFL Legends, Stars Bring Bang to 2013 National Treasures
February 22, 2014

Filthy. #Wow. Nasty. #NoWords. Spectacularly insane. #TheBarHasBeenRaised. Insanely spectacular. Greatest . . . Autograph . . . Ever. #Awesome. Clearly, there are many ways to sum up what you’re about to see, whether you’re talking on Twitter, on Instagram, to your friends in the hobby shop or to no one in particular. However you choose to describe it, Panini America’s upcoming 2013 National Treasures Football is shaping up to be a product that has everyone talking.

And a lot of that can be attributed to the quality of the history-making superstars who have a hard-signed presence in the March-releasing set. We’ve shown you just a glimpse of the greatness that awaits 2013 National Treasures Football in galleries such as this one and this one. Today, we’re prepared to show you a whole lot more.

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