Art Appreciation: Peeking Panini America’s 2013-14 Court Kings Basketball (Gallery)
February 03, 2014

Late last week we brought you the splendid first look at Panini America’s upcoming 2013-14 Court Kings Basketball, the first standalone release of the impressive, art-inspired brand since the 2009-10 season. The overwhelmingly positive response to that post in the last four days has served to raise the pre-release expectations for Court Kings. The following pre-ink preview should send those expectations even higher.

Today, the Panini America NBA Acquisitions team began the process of acquiring thousands of on-card autographs for 2013-14 Court Kings Basketball by expediting a varied and vibrant selection of hot-off-the-presses cards (including the Fresh Paint, Impressionist Ink, Court Kings Autographs and oversized box-toppers) to NBA stars past and present across the league.

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