Short Story: Panini America Begins Leaking 2013 Contenders Football SP Quantities
January 23, 2014

It’s a phenomenon that takes place every year at about this time. Almost immediately following the release of a new year of Contenders Football, the annual frenzy commences as collectors across North America begin scrambling and scouring to determine the relative scarcity of the set’s ample selection of Rookie Ticket SPs and variations.

It’s a mesmerizing chain of events to be sure, and one that explains, for instance, how a base Rookie Ticket SP of Detroit Lions receiver Corey Fuller can sell for a staggering $290.85 one day while his Variation SSP sells for a whopping $350 just three days later. Indeed, it didn’t take savvy researchers long to figure out just how short Fuller’s super-short-printed variation RC is.

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