Teaser Gallery: Panini America Opens Some Early Packs of 2013 Boxing Day Promo Set
December 21, 2013

We’ve spent that last few weeks here at The Knight’s Lance doing our best to properly prepare our north-of-the-border neighbors for the impending phenomenon known as Panini America’s 2013 Boxing Day promotion. We’ve shown you most of the sweet cards, we’ve shared the complete list of participating Panini Roundtable shops in Canada and we’ve brought you an exclusive interview with Angelo Exarhakos of Universal Distribution, Panini America’s exclusive Canadian hobby distributor.

But even after all of that, we still have more 2013 Panini Boxing Day goodness to showcase. Late yesterday afternoon we received a small stash of 2013 Boxing Day packs hot off the presses from the company’s production facility. Frankly, we simply couldn’t wait to rip some of those resplendent red wrappers to bring you the following Teaser Gallery. The next 42 images should properly whet the appetites of every collector anxiously anticipating the puck dropping on this special promotion next Thursday.

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