An Open Book: Panini America Shares First Pics of 2013 America’s Pastime Autographs
December 05, 2013

Thanks to a dedicated effort from just about everyone inside Panini America HQ (Product Development, Acquisitions, Production) and the cooperative spirit of baseball legends and newcomers alike outside these walls, the book on Panini America’s 2013 America’s Pastime Baseball is in the final stages of being written. And from what we’ve seen so far, it has the makings of a bona fide best-seller.

Seemingly every new autograph that arrives (including some of the coolest dual-signed, vertically oriented booklets you’ve ever seen) is greeted by heartfelt “oohs” and “aahs,” the result of impeccable penmanship from an absolutely stacked checklist of baseball royalty. To be sure, the in-progress product has come a long way in the two short weeks since we brought you the first pre-ink peek. As a result, we felt compelled to give you a stunning visual update.

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