Panini Peeks: Black Football, Crown Royale Football, Elite Extra Edition Baseball
November 12, 2013

OK, it’s time for a little full disclosure: Being out of the office at the 2013 Toronto Fall Expo last weekend put me a little behind in bringing you Panini Peek previews on three pretty big Panini America products: 2013 Black Football, 2013 Elite Extra Edition Baseball and 2013 Crown Royale. So I vowed to rectify that issue as soon as possible on my return to the office.

To that end, today we’re going to do our Panini Peek post just a little bit differently. Today, for the first time ever, we’re going to deliver a three-products-in-one Panini Peek Spectacular. Below, we’ve provided a scene-setting ensemble of preview images from 2013 Elite Extra Edition Baseball (releasing January 9, 2014), 2013 Black Football (releasing January 22, 2014) and 2013 Crown Royale Football (releasing February 12, 2014).

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