Panini America HRX Spotlight: Kenny Stills, Eddie Lacy and Cordarrelle Patterson
October 30, 2013

Based on a string of simply stellar rookie performances, today The Knight’s Lance showcases exclusive Panini HRX video footage starring Eddie Lacy, Kenny Stills and Cordarrelle Patterson, three of the five nominees for Week 8 Pepsi NEXT NFL Rookie of the Week honors.

The first installment of the new-generation HRX concept combines 24 top NFL rookies — including Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Eddie Lacy and more — with exclusive video footage of each player captured at the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere. The video content is activated when collectors scan the QRL code on the back of each HRX card. But that’s no ordinary QRL code. It requires a special app that is absolutely free and takes less than a minute to download.

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